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2D Work

Winking’s well-trained and highly skilled 2D artists work on not only concept art, but also marketing material, game covers, as well as other promotional material. We provide a rich production experience, unique creativity, and innovative concepts, with project management and specific art directors for each individual project.

3D Work

Character, Environment and Props, we provide the full spectrum when it comes to 3D work. From mobile to next generation consoles, our artists are specially trained to work in each area, supported by an independent technical art and program team which are well acquainted with different engines and the use of tools under the operation environment. We also tailor our communication processes according to the customers’ requirements.

Animation Work

Mirroring the skills of our 2D and 3D artists, our Animation Team creates stunning traditional 2D and 3D keyframe animation, as well as motion capture editing. Along with exciting motions, the team also specializes in custom built rigging to meet our clients’ needs and unique expectations. Production can be adapted to different art styles with various talent resources.