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Our Services


  • Characters & Environment Concept
  • Illustration
  • Poster


  • Next-Gen 3D Character & Environment
  • Hand drawing texture 3D Characters & Environment


  • Skeleton / Skin / Key-Frame Animations
  • Flash Animations / Special effects production
  • Spine animations production
  • Pixel Artwork Production

Our Advantage

Scientific and efficient outsourcing management process.

  • Project management and specific art director for individual projects.
  • Tailored communication processes according to customers’ requirements. 

More than 300 outstanding outsourcing artists with rich production experience, unique creativity, innovative concepts, as well as strong ability to work under pressure.

  • Research centers and offices located in Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Taipei and North America (Business enter).
  • Supported by an independent technical art and program team which are well acquainted with different engines and the use of tools under the operation environment.
  • Production can be adapted to different art styles with various talent resources.

Team cooperation mode and fixed manpower support.

  • Guaranteed quality consistency from start to end of the project.
  • Flexible cooperation mode.